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Agrinio is the biggest town in the Aetolia-Acarnania region of Greece, with over 100,000 inhabitants. Although the region's capital is the town of Mesolonghi, Agrinio is considered an important economical, intellectual, transport and cultural center of the region. The town gets its name from Agrios - an ancient hero and son of the Porthaonas, king of Plevrona. In medieval times, particularly during the Ottoman occupation, the settlement was known as Vrachori.

Having a fertile and agriculturally suitable land, inhabitants depend on the cultivation and trade of tobacco. The town is located some 37 kilometers north of Messolonghi and is connected by a well-developed road network.

A drive to the town is well worth your time. There are a lot of things to see and discover in Agrinio Downtown. Have a chance to see the amazing architecture that dates back to "Golden Age of Tobacco." You may also want to drop by the Papastrateio municipal park or the municipal library that showcases a collection of art pieces. The Archaeological Museum and the Folklore museum are also worth a visit.

Spread across the hilly terrain are less-known destinations that are equally beautiful. Built atop a hill slope and offering a clear view of the plain is the church of Aghios Christoforos. Little gorges on the hill that are surrounded by lush vegetation are also inviting. You can also find monasteries and churches in the villages and hills that surround Agrinio Downtown.

Getting to Agrinio Downtown should not be difficult when you rent a car. Avance Car Rental offers cheap car hire for tourists. If you are in Athens and want to get to Agrinio, you should book a car. We have an online booking portal where you can choose from among the different cars we have in our fleet. For a more personalized booking arrangement, you can also call our hotline. Helpful and experienced travel agents will assist you.

Our cars range from sedans to SUVs to vans. Select a car size and model that you want to drive and that will meet your travel needs. Rest assured that our cars are safe and reliable.

We have car stations scattered across the major towns and cities in Greece, so it is easier for you to locate us. If you prefer, you can request your car to be delivered to your place. Our representatives will deliver your car on time.

Agrinio Downtown awaits all travelers and tourists that come to Athens and its nearby towns. If you want to have a unique Greek holiday, be sure to visit this quiet town. It certainly has lots of surprises in store for you!

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