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Kavala is one of the largest cities of Greece and the prefectural capital of Northern Greece. Built amphitheatrically from the harbor and rising up to a huge Byzantine fortress, it is undeniably one of the most attractive cities in this part of Europe.

The city, having originated from the ancient city of Neopolis, has a long history. In 1922, the population surged dramatically due to major migration from Asia Minor. This has significantly contributed to the growth of the city.

The pleasant contrast of modernity and classic is highly evident in the city. Contemporary buildings, spacious squares, and shopping centers are pushed back on the west side of the city while traditional old houses, flagged alleyways and tiny gardens are on the eastern side. Down the harbor, colorful fishing Caiques or boats are anchored along the waterfront. There are numerous historical landmarks in Kavala downtown: the Byzantine castle, the old walls, the Kamares (ancient aqueduct built during Byzantine era), the Imaret (a Turkish building) and Mehmet Ali's house. There are also many art galleries and museums in Kavala such as the Archaeological Museums of Kavala, Folklore Museum of Kavala, the Archaeological Museum of Philippi, the Maritime Museum of Kavala, and the Tobacco Museum. Each of these museums and galleries presents unique displays but all of them will lead you to the city's glorious past. Major governmental and business installations can also be found in the downtown. They are often interspersed throughout the city.

With so much to discover in Kavala downtown, you can expect the sheer number of people that troop the city. And being the second major city in northern Greece, the downtown receives a lot of traffic from all kinds of travelers - leisure-seekers and businesspeople. The public transport system can be very crowded especially during rush hours. If you are a tourist who runs on a short time, it can be very difficult exploring Kavala via its public transit.

In order to enjoy Kavala Downtown, you should rent a car throughout your stay. Avance Car Rental provides a diverse fleet of cars for travelers, whether business or leisure travelers. You can check out available vehicles via our website. Choose from sedans, luxury cars or vans. Each traveler has a different travel needs. If you are here for business, a sedan or a luxury car would be best for you. If you are here as a group, such as for a wedding, renting a larger car or a van is better.

Each car comes with a driver for free and a full tank. You can ride to wherever you want. What's great about renting out a car is that you are assured of your safety while on the road. Avance Car Rental has a 24-7 road assistance service making sure that guests are safe on the road.

If you are planning to spend your holiday in Downtown Kavala, make sure to rent a car and be able to explore the hidden treats of the city.

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