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Car Rental in Larisis Train Station

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At the backbone of Greece's economy is its well-developed transport system. The country is served by a rail network, connecting small towns and big cities, and linking Greece, Turkey and the Balkan countries.

There are two major railway stations in Athens: the Peloponnisou train station and the Larissis Train Station. Peloponnissou rail station serves trips to South Greece while Larissis is north bound. These two railway stations are just adjacent each other. They are located on the northern edge of Athen's center, just a walk away from the Omonia Square.

Every day, the Larissis train station serves thousands of people, especially for people who intend to travel via train to the north and central Greece. Getting to Larissis station can be a hassle for people coming in from the Athens International Airport. From the airport, you will have to take Metro Line 3. Once at Syntagma Station, you will have to take Metro Line 2 until you get to the railway station. While the transport system efficiently serves its purpose well, it can be very time consuming. You do not want to waste your time going from one transport system to another. Better still, you can rent a car and save yourself from all the worries and hassles.

Avance Car Rental is a leading car provider serving both business and leisure travelers at Larissis train station. We have a complete line of cars that will serve your needs. If you are heading to Athens via airport or railway, be sure to coordinate with us so that you will not lose your precious time. Cars will be made available to you wherever you are and right as you need it. You can pick it up right outside the train station or airport. You can also drop it off in the airport before your departure. No need to drive the car to the garage or to the car hire station.

The best thing about car rental service is that you can get the most out of your budget and time. There are different car sizes and makes that will suit your transportation needs. Rental rates will also vary depending on the car model that you choose. If you are travelling in group, you can rent a large vehicle and save up on gas. There are also luxury cars and sedans for business travelers.

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