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Mykonos Town (Chora) is undeniably one of the most attractive towns in the Greek islands. The island is characterized by its unique architecture: endless small streets, windmills, ancient churches, cultural shops, terraced and whitewashed houses. You can roam around Mykonos for days but still find surprises. The town has a bizarre street layout which was intended to confuse pirates - and you too can also lose your way.

You can get to Mykonos via sea or air. If you are getting to the island via ferryboat or cruise ship, you will dock in one of the harbors in the island. At the harbor front, you can simply sit back and relax while enjoying the panoramic view of the sea. Just behind the harbor front, endless streets are dotted with shops, restaurants, guesthouses, and hotels for tourists.

If you are getting to Mykonos via plane, you will arrive at the Mykonos Airport. The airport is located 4 kilometers from the town. Transfer time from the airport to the town is 10 minutes. Make necessary travel arrangements with your hotel or guesthouse as there is no public service that operates from the town to the airport, except for the taxi rank located in front of the terminal. During peak seasons, queues for taxi service can be very long.

Rent a car service is the recommended option for most travelers. By renting out a car, you can have a peace of mind knowing that you have a ride once you arrive at the airport.

Avance Car Rental is a reliable car hire company that operates a station at Mykonos Airport. We have a complete line of cars where you can choose from. Conveniently make travel arrangements even before you book your flight through our web portal. We also have a hotline ready to serve you. Friendly and reliable customer service representatives will assist you in choosing the best service that will suit your needs.

Our experienced travel agents will assist you in whatever travel needs you have. You can pick up your car at the airport or at the harbor or at your hotel. You can also request for a driver to drive you while on the island.

The network of roads and streets can be quite confusing for the unfamiliar; but if you are up for some adventure, you can try driving a car. The winding streets of Mykonos offers an exciting and thrilling experience. The whitewashed houses and brightly colored shutter are simply spectacular. Drive up the steep hill into the village and immerse into the unique Tinian culture.

If you are leaving the island, you can simply leave your rental car at our car hire station at the Mykonos Airport. No need to drop off the car at the downtown. Avance Car Rental ensures that you will have a satisfying and enjoyable stay in the island. Check out our website today!