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Car Rental in Santorini Athinio Port

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Santorini is paradise. No wonder it is one of the top destinations here in Greece. Every year, thousands flock to the islands to discover and experience the unrivaled charm of the island. Most people arrive at Santorini via ferryboat or cruise ships.

The island is served by two ports: the Athinios Port and the Old Port. Cruise ship passengers disembark at the Old port while ferry and commercial boats dock at the Athinios port. The Athinios port is located in the bay of Ormos Athini in the Pyrgos area, while the Old port is in Fira.

All vacationers who take ferry boat from the islands or Piraeus arrive at the Athinios port. The port is well connected to major destination around the bay: Athens (Piraeus port), Crete, Naxos, Ios, Syros, Tinos, Paros and Mykonos islands. Travel time from Piraeus to Santorini usually takes 9 hours. This precious 9 hours gives you enough time to enjoy the immense blue Aegean Sea and bask on the picturesque view of the islands.

Passengers disembarking at the Athinio port are greeted by the calm weather and the beautiful view at the port of Athinio. From the port, one can take a bus or taxi to major destinations within the island. There are taxis and bus lanes outside the airport, so it should not be difficult looking for a ride. However, during peak season, transportation can be a hassle. It is recommended that passengers make necessary arrangements for their in-land transportation even before they arrive. Car hire services are advised.

Avance Car Rental operates at the Athinios Port. We have a full line of cars to suit your party. To make a reservation or book a car, you can simply check our online portal. We accept worldwide reservation, and you can book and make reservation right at the comfort of your home. We also have a telephone hotline where you can talk with friendly customer representatives. They will help you choose the right services tailor suited to your needs.

Car rentals come with full-tank engines, so you can head off to your destinations right away. If you plan to drive your car, make sure you have necessary documents. On the other hand, if you prefer to just relax and sit back, you can choose to hire a driver instead. The 24/7 road assistance service will ensure that you are safe while on the road.

Santorini is a complex of volcanic islands known for its wonderful treats, dynamic nightlife, picturesque natural scenes, and spectacular beauty. Superb beaches with perfect golden sand await vacationers. Even if you spend days exploring the islands, it will never run out of surprises for you. Santorini is certainly a paradise for leisure travelers.

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