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Tinos is a pilgrim island to many Greeks. Every year thousands of people flock the church of Panagia Evagelistria (Church of Anunciation) to venerate the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary that is believed to have healing powers. The bi-annual pilgrimage is held on March 25 and August 15. People from different parts of the country pay homage to the church to seek comfort and fulfill their vows. Interestingly, Tinos is an important center of worship for two different Christian traditions: Catholic and Orthodox. This rare blend of religious traditions makes the island unique.

Aside from being a pilgrim island, this Greek island is home to about 8,000 people who take much pride in the beauty of their island. There are a lot of interesting things to see and explore in Tinos. Down south is an ancient sanctuary dedicated to Poseidon - the god of the sea. Up north is the village of Kardiani that offers panoramic view of Isternia and Syros. Tinos is also rich in mineral resources: Volax is source of granite mine while Pyrgos produces export-quality marble. Other places worth your time are the villages of Steni and Falatados, pink flamingos at Kolymbithra and beaches at Rohari.

Located in the southwestern part of the island, the Tinos Port is your gateway to this amazing island. It is the only port in the island, catering to all the transportation needs of the island.

From the port you can head to northern or southern villages via buses, but the best way to go around the island is still with a rent a car. Avance Car Rental provides the most cost-effective car hire services to tourists and travelers. Our fleet of cars ranges from sedans to vans; you can definitely find one that will best your needs. If you want tour the lazy roads of Tinos, you can go for a sedan; or if you are travelling as a group, you can choose a larger vehicle such as a van. Hiring a car offers the best way of enjoying the different surprises of this silent island. Contact Avance Car Rental and make your holiday at Tinos perfect!

Hop on from one tourist destination to another using your hire car. Being the home to great artists such as Lyras, Gyzus, Flippotis, Sochos, and Chalepas, the island has interesting art pieces on every corner. Their excellent craft are spread across the different parts of the island: in fountains, chapels, pigeon lofts, and arches.

If you are driving to the church of Virgin Mary at Pyrgos, you might also want to drop by the Marble Art Museum which hosts the Gallery of Tinian Artists. The unspoiled art and architecture of Tinos is truly admirable, much more their culture and tradition which has been going on since the ancient times.

If you want to have a relaxing yet fulfilling holiday, Tinos is the place to be. With the many beaches and interesting attractions in the island, it is certainly worth your time! Check out our services and we'll help make your stay at Tinos the best holiday ever!

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